Bone Broth


Bone broth is an easy soup to make, packed with nutrients beneficial for your dog or cat.

The benefits include:
-Supporting joint health: Bone broth is loaded with glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, all of which are essential to your to all dogs and cats of all ages for tendon and ligament health.
-Supporting the Liver and natural detoxing: Bone broth is high in glycine, an amino acid essential for helping the liver to detox and aiding digestion.
-Bone broth also contains gelatin and minerals, making it an ideal food extra for pets recovering from illness or a nice treat to be added to your Bark Natural.


How To Make Bone Broth:
Making bone broth is a great way to use up any excess bones you have on hand. If you feed a raw diet (which we recommend), you can save any weight-bearing bones for broth. You could also use a chicken or duck, but any bones you have on hand will work.
There’s no way you can get bone broth wrong so long as you follow a couple of rules:
-Add a source of acidic to the broth.  Apple cider, vinegar or lemon juice will work. This helps draw all the nutrients out of the bones.
-Bone broth must be cooked for a long time to ensure the water has been completely infused with the nutrients from the bones. The minimum time in a slow-cooker/crockpot is 24 hours, though 48+ hours may be necessary for large, dense bones.

-Use plenty of raw bones and be sure to include joints containing cartilage like poultry , kangaroo, knee joints etc.
Completely cover the bones with water. For a regular sized slow-cooker/crockpot, add 2-4 tablespoons of the acidic liquid.

-Turn to high so it boils for 2 hours, then back to a very low simmer for the remaining 24-48 hours.

-When finished, strain your bone broth and discard the bones (do not feed cooked bones esspecially if you have used chicken, turkey or duck as they have small bones!


Bone broth can be frozen and even makes yummy frozen treats during summer.

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