Pawtox Dextox

How do I know if my dog need a dextox? I get asked this question alot and the short answer is yes your dog does need a dextox. By using our Pawtox you may be assisting  a healthy liver  and kidney also assisting in potenially extending the life of your pet.This will also help dogs and cats that have anal gland issues.

The liver plays a number of roles in the body the main function is a cleansing organ that rids the body of toxins through chemical transformation or excretion in bile. Bile also aids in digestion of fats, produces glycogen, a starch analogue, which serves as energy storage and is responsible for protein production.

To be sure that your dog’s liver is functioning optimally, I recommend the following liver cleansing protocol.

If you are not ready feeding raw, the first step is to feed the highest quality, non-medicated, unprocessed, raw food. Feeding most processed food cause serious problems, nutritional deficiencies and can also overburden the liver.

The liver is an important organ in almost every aspect of your dog’s organ function and good health. I recommend that a Pawtox be done once a month. You will see a regular cleansing has a very positive effect on your dog's health, namely in their overall energy level, mobility, digestion, endurance and stamina, skin and coat health, immune system function .

  • Even if your dog doesn’t have any liver enzyme elevation, a liver detox is considered highly beneficial in dogs. Canines in general, have a tendency for liver imbalances.

  •  Avoid kibble or canned food.

  • Beware of cheap treats use only natural treats eg. liver, chicken breast

  • Avoid any food made in China because of that country's history of tainted foods and heavy use of additives and chemical preservatives

  • After the liver cleanse is completed start essential supplements to provide the body what it needs to heal and thrive.


Ingredients: Barley, carrots, dandelion,chamomile, apple cider vinger.


































































































































































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