If you suspect that your dog is suffering from an earache or you simply like to stay ahead of such problems, you might look for different ways to keep your dog’s ears clean. The more natural the remedy, especially as a proactive measure. 

Why clean your dog’s ears?

Think about every time you go out for a walk with your four-legged companion and all that he or she manages to get into while bounding through tall grasses before leaping into lakes, potentially teeming with unpleasant microbes just waiting for a soft warm spot to nestle such as the ears of an unaware and frolicking pup.

Don’t let the bacteria, parasites or yeast that lurks in ponds and lakes, or even in high weeds or the dirt in which your dog loves to roll around, to work their way into your dear dog’s ear canal, causing him or her irritation and potentially infection.
Even if you let trapped debris go unchecked, you run the risk of potential inflammation to infection in your dear companion.

Clean Ears Big Ears

Clean Ears Big Ears

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