Heidi Youle


(Founder / Managing Director  / CEO of Inner Winner)     


Heidi’s passion for over 20 years now, has been breeding and showing dogs, which has led her to be highly respected by her peers within these industries.
Her awards and achievements in these fields are too great to mention but suffice to say, what started as a passion is now a lifestyle that her entire family live and enjoy.

10 years ago, Heidi saw the opportunity to combine her obvious love for not only dogs, but all animals, with her lifetime ambition to run her own business.

Hence, Freelance Pet Rep was founded and has been operating successfully ever since. Although situated in Brisbane, Freelance Pet Rep’s products and services have become common use to pet lovers throughout Australia and New Zealand.Born to a father who practiced natural medicines, Heidi has spent her lifetime learning and understanding the positives of this practice. Her knowledge of mixing herbs and vitamins and their benefits are unequalled.
Consequently, she launched Inner Winner 9 years ago, where her knowledge in both fields combined, to supply a wide range of nutritional foods and treats for dogs in varying forms.

Heidi creates her own formulas and all foods are mixed and packed in-house daily by qualified staff under Heidi’s strict supervision. If you have a specific requirement for your dog, Heidi is always happy to discuss and perhaps customise a formula to suit your   needs.

Heidi has a simple Philosophy. That is “animal welfare is paramount”.
Provide educated solutions to her loyal customer’s needs, 24/7, with a value for money product, all backed will a reliable service.

Heidi is always researching and tweaking her formulas to ensure her products remain the leader in animal nutrition.

With both Freelance Pet Rep and Inner Winner brands doing so well in the market place, Heidi is eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead in her busy life.

Brooke Turner

 (Sales / Breeder Manager – NSW))



Brooke was always destined to have a significant impact in the dog show breeder industry, here in Australia.

Born into a family, 32 years ago, where her grandparents were well regarded and champion Rottweiler breeders and still are to this day.

The passion grew within and over the years Brooke has bred and shown breeds such as Siberian

Huskies, Australian Shepherds and Boston Terriers.

However, it has been the last 10 years where Brooke has excelled. Starting with Rottweilers, Brooke has bred and shown many champions in All Breeds BIS and Specialty BIS categories / shows. In fact, Brooke is now an extremely highly regarded a Rottweiler Specialist who is always ready to help fellow breeders.


Also now, in partnership with her prtner, over the past 6 years they have been very prominent within the Bullmastiff program, breeding many champions and winning many awards.


During this time, Brooke has also gained a Cert 111 in business and Diploma in Retail management. But it is her great passion for dogs that has seen her become one of the most respected and revered judges at dog shows across Australia. A long and tedious process over many years, many shows and way too many dogs and breeds too mention. 


Brooke’s judging prowess has also seen her travel to many international shows, where she has gained much valuable knowledge and many industry contacts who all willing to share experiences. A great resource to have in her armoury.

Brooke is very active in the industry, either showing her Rottweilers or Bullmastiffs or will be judging at shows across Australia. So if you happen to run into Brooke and need some advice on anything please just say Hi!


Brooke is only too happy to help !

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